Everyone enjoys the stylish and contemporary look of tiled, granite and hardwood floors; the downside is that they get cold which takes away from the comfort of your home.

Laser Electrical Blenheim can solve this problem with the design and installation of electric underfloor heating. This invisible and silent radiant heating brings back the comfort to match the style.

You only get one chance to get this product installed, so if you are designing your new home or planning your next renovation project think of the warm and welcoming benefits of having under floor heating in your home.

Underfloor heating can be installed with the following flooring materials:

  • Ceramic and slate tiles
  • Marble and granite
  • Hardwood tongue and groove flooring
  • Carpet

Underfloor heating can be used as the primary sources of heating for your home, or it can be used in addition to another source of heating to take the chill off the floor. Underfloor heating can be installed in just one room or throughout a whole house.

There are a number of benefits associated with choosing to heat your home with underfloor heating.

  • Underfloor heating is eco-friendlier than other heating methods due to energy efficiency with use of the thermostat and timer features
  • Underfloor heating can be very cost effective as you can heat individual rooms to their desired temperature
  • Precise temperature control allows you to choose the exact temperature you wish a room to be and is easily adjustable
  • There are no vents, ducts or appliances associated with underfloor heating making it very aesthetically pleasing
  • Underfloor heating is completely silent
  • No cleaning or maintenance is involved with underfloor heating
  • CUnderfloor heating provides a healthier environment than many other forms of heating as it does not circulate air which can increase airborne allergens

If you are building a new home, or renovating, now is the time to be thinking about the type of heating you want within your home. If you are unsure what the best type of heating for your home is going to be, give the team at Laser Electrical Blenheim a call. We can help you with all of your heating needs. We also provide and install heat pumps and air conditioning units along with home ventilation systems depending on your housing requirements.

To arrange an in home consultation call contact your local Laser Electrician.